How can I work for MSETT Hellas projects? Is there a standard procedure?

Someone can work for MSETT Hellas's projects either as a Project Leader or as Team Member. For both cases there are standard procedures that need to be followed and accepted by the people that wish to become a part of the MSETT family. First you need to create your own account and fill up the Online form for creating your own profile. For that just visit MSETT Work Opportunities and sumbit your resume. As soon as we get your resume and you have created your own profile, one of our parrrtners will get in touch with you personnaly to further quide you in the process.

What about young people that have already finished their studies? Is there any future for us with MSETT?

Young people is our main concern. What we do and ahat we plan has them as our main audience. Regardless a young friend has finished or not his/her studies MSETT is ready to involve him/her to our projects. There are many to do, much to learn and more to experience in a global market that has no borders. Youung people need to be addicted to the new world of th 21st century, beyond all technological achievements there is humanity and its course to the future. For youg guys, please don't hesitate to become MSETT members to our way to the future, just create your account as everybody else and sail with us!

Who is leading MSETT Hellas Projects? What kind of skill should I have to become an MSETT Project Leader?

MSETT's Project Leaders are ordinary people that walk around us! We are not asking for highly educated or experienced individuals and professionals, we are not asking for special brains and very high skilled people. We are looking for self - motivated people that have the capability to lead, produce, interact and coordinate with a team in order to present a unique, useful to the society and innovative outcome. For that our Leaders do get a special training that lasts three weeks and after that they are almost ready to lead either a project that they will create and MSETT will support, or to a project that MSETT has already created for them!

I am a young scientist/artist/developer. How can I be an MSETT colaborator/partner/coordinator/project team member?

We are expecting brand new ideas, we are here to support any kind, just any kind, of innovation, scientific development, technological or educationla project that makes the difference. And what makes the difference? PEOPLE! Here in MSETT we count on people's capabilities, scientific, cultural, social and ethical values. In other words we accept everybody that can prove his will to be a part of a beutiful future and everyone that brings with him/her dream and vission. So, scientists, artists, developers, come and meet us to share your thoughts, dreams and ideas. We are ready to hear from you!

I do have an innovative idea in mind. How can I get in contact with MSETT professionals to presenrt my idea??

The only thing you need to do is to fill the form below and ask for a meeting with the right people. We will get in touch with you and arrange a presentation, meeting or call back for you. If you request for a presentation, you can have the chance, within 90 minutes, to describe all about your idea and give us a certain point of view regarding your needs and requirements for making your dream come true. MSETT specialists will guide you to the most effective and efficient path as well as will strengthen your idea by discussing its vulnerabilities and weak points.

What about funding and Start up processing? Who is going to lead me to a "secure era" to start my professional life?

MSETT specialists and professionals will provide a certain set of information, knowledge and solutions to start your own project and find out ways to get funding and/or other financial support. A significant number of foundations and international organizations are connected to MSETT looking for ideas to support. Our evaluation process is extremelly objective and we are experienced enough to offer you a guidance that will make your life easier and you will save time and probably money!

Fill the following form and start commuicating with MSETT. Be as much detailed as you wish!

Do not forget to tell us if you are asking for a meeting or not. It is of great importance to know also the excact subject of the meeting!

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