We have a dream! A vision that will make life easier, people more happy and work will be an activity of pleasure, creativity and social development. Everybody is welcomed to share our vision, just anybody that has the true will to enjoy work and make life simple! We bet we can make our dream come true! Realistic planning and smart training are the key factors, whereas the stepping stone is knowledge.

MSETT Services is a Private Capital Compnay incorporated in Athens Greece by a group of friends that have worked together for a remarkable number of years as military officers, as well as from young people that wanted to have access to international projects and business opportunities of the global markets. We are succesfuly operating for at least seven years. During those years we have achieved most of our targets as we worked for huge international organizations like EU, UN and NATO. Proud as we are for what we have succeded, we want more! To initiate society to develop a better future, with respect to nature, to human beings and ethics.

What we do

An inquiry related to the global markets, the needs, technology and developments is our starting point. We develop projects related to defense, financial technology, media, cutting edge technology, simulation, education & training.


We have a long history in supporting a wide range defense projects and activities which spans across training, operational planning, synthetic environments, tactical links, C4ISR systems and SIGINT methodology development.

MEDIA & Social

We use our media channels as knowledge spreading means to provide comprehensive media management solutions to support defense, financial, social projects and corporate schemas to evolve and succed.

Education & Training

Our starting point, our educational / training methodology based on Live, Virtual and Constructive Simulation, has proved so far our unique approach in educating and training people coming from different cultures, ages and domains.


Our capability to discover profitable Real Estate opportunities combined with our knowledge in financial technology is the stepping stone of our success. Our innovative approach is the key of our customers profits and loyalty to us.

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Our People point of view

Software Developer

As a young programmer I am looking for something exciting to start my career, something that will initiate me to get in a world of creativity and happiness!

Computers' Engineer

There a lot of things that I would like to do, not just for living, I want to expand my skills, talents and ideas and produce innovative products and services.

Projects' Director

After my military career as an Army Aviation pilot I was looking for new adventures, a second career that will bring me in new era of unexpected challenges that will lead my life to inspiration and creation!

Project Developer

After a 25 years of military career I was sure that life had a lot to offer me, a quiet routine but a most creative free time that would be useful to find out my talents and the fileds that I wanted to explore. And yes this is what I'm doing!

The Social Economy Business Path

Making business is not an easy path to follow, even more when the challenges and competition spread across the globe. Social Business Model is encouranging not only business people to start an enterprise but also give the chance to non risky individuals and social teams to become serious players in the market.

Our Project & Skills

Bulding teams consisted by young profesionals and experienced personnel is the key for bringing up succesful business cases.





Working with us

Knowledge is the key factor for social evolution, development and progress. It is the stepping stone to open new horizons to people's lives and support their decisions. MSETT is spreading knowledge via its projects and receives knowledge by a lo of means, even by processing "useless" information.

We encourage people to learn more, not just to be informed but to get into deeper knowledge, we strongly believe that tha paths of knowldge surly lead to happiness!

  • Deep knowledge of a specific fields as well as expertise assist professionals to become more and more effective in what they are producing or provide, but it is not enough when building the "big picture" or describe a vission!
  • MSETT working process enables people to learn more for themselves, to be sure of what their life objectives are. This fact is the basic element for our exploration of the world, our offer to society and finally our contribution to human productive knowledge!
  • All our people are constantly asking for more knowledge in order to adapt new ideas, views, proposals, work - cases and evolution conditions. Libraries, databases and knowledge based e-means are our main sources of knowledge as well as real events, seminars and studies.

Let us first difine INNOVATION! Innovation for MSETT is everything that can change human's lives in the most effective way, what can bring happiness to individuals and societies that never happened or excisted before! And yes, we do have the power to be innovative by bringing up not only ideas but real services, products and actions. Knowledge combined with research and deep thinking can reveal the future and provide us with vissionary but realistic objectives!

Leadership is an art for us. Something that talented people can learn and develop via knowledge, experience and action. We do provide all the required tools to obtain high level objectives via effective leadership which we can actually offer. Our project leaders are effective, flexible, innovative and efficient because we are building their conceptual skillset to meet the modern needs.

MSETT's training system for Leadership is mostly innovative as we count on specific characteristics of the people we choose for leading our projects. Common sense, reliability, rationalism and the ability to develop visionary projects are some of the eligible but crucial components that our leaders are made off.


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