Modeling – Simulation – Education – Training - Technology. This is MSETT! In light of the past, we are constructing the future with a straightforward approach: we make use of all at our disposal to offer straightforward, practical, and successful answers.

A group of professionals with a remarkable amount of combined experience as financial experts and military officers founded MSETT SERVICES, a private capital firm, in Athens, Greece. We have developed a multidomain, multilevel range of capabilities, products, and services in collaboration with a team of senior developers to support international projects and global business opportunities. We have been successfully operating for at least seven years. In those years, working for large international organizations such as the EU, UN, and NATO, we accomplished most of our goals. As proud as we are of what we have achieved, we want more! To initiate society to develop a better future with respect to nature, human beings, and ethics. Our group of companies, which consists of a Norwegian company, NGC AS, incorporated in Stavanger, Norway, and a US company, Defense and Finance Tech LLC, incorporated in Sheridan, Wyoming, supports our global presence.

What we do

With a look at the global markets and the requirements in the defense and finance sectors, we develop tools, offer services, and resell products to support projects related to defense, financial technology, media, cutting-edge technology, simulation, education, and training.


Our organization boasts a rich heritage of providing assistance for diverse defense endeavors and projects, including but not limited to training, operational planning, synthetic environments, tactical links, C4ISR systems, and the development of SIGINT methodologies.

Media & Social

In order to ensure the success and development of defense, financial, social, and corporate initiatives, we employ our media channels as channels for disseminating knowledge and offering comprehensive media management solutions.

Education & Training

Our educational and training approach, which is founded upon constructive simulation, virtual reality, and live instruction, has thus far demonstrated its distinctiveness in effectively instructing and training individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, age groups, and professional domains.


Our success is predicated on the combination of our aptitude for identifying lucrative real estate prospects and our expertise in financial technology. Our customers' profits and their continued business with us are dependent on our innovative approach.

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The viewpoint orour people

Software Developer

As a young programmer, I am looking for something exciting to start my career—something that will initiate me into a world of creativity and happiness!

Computers' Engineer

There are a lot of things that I would like to do, not just for living; I want to expand my skills, talents, and ideas and produce innovative products and services.


After my military career as an Army Aviation pilot, I was looking for new adventures, a second career that will bring me into a new era of unexpected challenges that will lead my life to inspiration and creation!

NATO CAX Air Operations Expert

After a 25-year military career, I was sure that life had a lot to offer me—a quiet routine but a lot of creative free time that would be useful to find out my talents and the fields that I wanted to explore. And yes, this is what I'm doing!

MSETT's Business Model

Conducting business is a difficult endeavor, which becomes even more difficult when obstacles and competition arise on an international scale. The MSETT Business Model promotes the formation of significant market participants among non-risky individuals and social teams, in addition to encouraging business professionals to initiate enterprises.

Skills & Capabilities

Our activities are enhanced by the collective knowledge and experience we possess, as well as our distinctive business approach. We are perpetually on the lookout for innovative personnel and skill enhancements in order to augment our capabilities at MSETT. Consider the substantial effort and quantifiable outcomes that we are capable of providing.





Building trust in making business with MSETT

Knowledge is the key factor for social evolution, development and progress. We count on highly trained and educated personnel and invest in them, as well as in young people who bring "fresh air" to our business environment.

  • Expertise and in-depth knowledge of particular disciplines help professionals become more effective at what they produce or provide, but it is not sufficient when constructing the "big picture" of a project.
  • The MSETT operational procedure facilitates the establishment of personal life goals. This fact serves as the foundation for our investigation of the world, our contribution to society, and ultimately, our endeavor to generate productive knowledge for humanity!
  • Our people consistently adjust to novel concepts and perspectives. Leaders at MSETT consistently consider new ideas and foster an environment conducive to progress. In addition to actual events, seminars, and studies, our primary sources of information consist of libraries, databases, and knowledge-based electronic means.
  • First, let's define INNOVATION! For MSETT, innovation is the unwavering search for new frontiers and the pulse of advancement. It's the art of transforming concepts into action and upending the norm to create the remarkable.

  • Curiosity and bravery are the driving forces behind MSETT's creative concepts, offerings, and services. Innovation pushes us to the edge and enables us to create solutions that expand on what is possible.
  • Our creative business style is built on working together with our clients, accepts setbacks as learning opportunities, and honors the daring to question the established order in the contemporary global business environment.
  • The leaders of MSETT believe that innovation is the driving force behind evolution, a dynamic force sculpting a future in which creativity has no boundaries. Innovation is really more than an idea; it is what propels revolutionary change.
  • MSETT's personnel is tasked in searching unparalleled opportunities with Global Business Networking in order to expand our customers basis but also for creating strong relations with professionals all over the world. Connect, collaborate, and cultivate relationships across borders, unlocking a world of possibilities.

  • Our network provides your doorway to a variety of markets, cross-cultural understanding, and strategic partnerships in the field of international business. Put your faith in our accomplishments and experience as we skillfully negotiate the complexities of global trade while exchanging knowledge and promoting expansion.
  • Our network enables your company to succeed on the international scene by helping you establish alliances, enter new markets, and stay up to date with global trends. Come together with us as we redefine the future of trade via the power of international ties, where cooperation meets innovation and boundaries are transformed into bridges.
  • The dynamic architecture of the MSETT Business Support Model is created to support your success. We provide specialized solutions that are in line with your particular business demands, going above and beyond standard support. Our approach combines strategic insights, individualized support, and state-of-the-art technology to guarantee operational excellence everywhere it exists.

  • We are your growth partners, offering everything from strategic planning to all-inclusive IT solutions. With its innovative and flexible approach, MSETT offers a strong support network that grows with your company.
  • When working with us, you become more than just a client—you become a partner in achieving long-term success.
  • Select MSETT if you want a business assistance model that goes above and above and builds a special rapport of trust with us.
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