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MSETT's Financial Services

MSETT SERVICES provides support in a wide range of financial activities by using innovative and modern tools. Check out our capabilities and start working with us to establish a new profitable and operational business environment.

MSETT's Financial Development software and services

Our unique strategy and out-of-the box thinking and acting are the stepping stones to our projects' success. We make our projects easy to run by making them as simple as they can be, starting with a full understanding of the idea.

Vessel Tracking System ARGO

NGC A.S., a Norwegian company based in Stavanger, Norway, created "ARGO", an innovative vessel tracking system. Our team of experts integrates unique software tools, innovative methodology, expertise, and knowledge into reliable solutions aimed at fulfilling our customers needs. The shipping and yachting community, including owners, crews, and operators, can efficiently track their fleets with "ARGO." It significantly reduces administrative expenses by providing a straightforward and economical method for monitoring and controlling your fleet.

  • "ARGO" offers the most convenient solution for monitoring and controlling your fleet on a global scale. You can plan and calculate your voyages and trips in advance using our simple but powerful tools. Additionally, it enables you to monitor any deviations from the intended or planned route with speed and execute corrective actions in a straightforward and effective manner.
  • "ARGO" service is based on an in-house application developed for collecting position and date-time data from the vessel's satellite communication system. The amount of data required is minimal, thus saving communication costs. Cross-reference data is also collected through the coastal AIS (Automatic Identification System), combined with marine traffic data.

Logistics - Transportation Software

"FORTION" is an innovative and unique application that is designed specifically for trucks and trains to offer a range of features and benefits to improve efficiency, safety, and operational management in the freight transportation industry.

  • FORTION offer advanced route planning and optimization capabilities tailored for trucks and trains, considering factors such as vehicle size, weight restrictions, road conditions, traffic patterns, and delivery schedules to help drivers and operators optimize their routes and minimize travel time and costs. It also provides real-time GPS tracking of trucks and trains to enable shippers, logistics managers, and customers to monitor the status and location of shipments, anticipate delays, and ensure on-time deliveries. This feature enhances visibility and transparency throughout the transportation process.
  • FORTION main features: Load Matching and Freight Booking, Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Compliance, Safety and Maintenance Alerts, Weather and Traffic Updates, Document Management, Analytics and Reporting.

Commodities Markets Integrated Services

The commodities market plays a crucial role in the global economy by facilitating price discovery, risk management, and investment opportunities for market participants across various industries. Understanding the dynamics of this market is essential for those looking to participate in commodity trading or invest in commodities as an asset class.

  • We offer tailor services to meet the specific needs and objectives of individual clients, whether they are institutional investors, commodity producers, traders, or hedge funds, and offer customized solutions to address their unique requirements. By emphasizing these key aspects of your commodities market services, you can showcase your expertise, credibility, and value proposition to attract clients looking to engage in commodity trading, risk management, investment, or other activities within the commodities market.
  • Our stretegic planning:Balanced temawork, efficient ledership, fast and shiny procedures, training and industry insights are the critical factors which sustain our strategic plannning.

Decentralised Economy - FINTEC

Financial technology, also known as FinTech, is a rapidly growing industry that combines technology and innovation to improve financial services. Our services incorporate the latest technological advancements to streamline financial processes, enhance security, and deliver a better user experience. We offer customization, compliance with all standards and international regulations, scalability and a unique network of internationl partners that guarantee a sognificant market knowledge and secure positioning.

  • Decentralized economy refers to an economic system where financial and business activities operate without a central authority or intermediary. Instead, it relies on distributed networks, blockchain technology, smart contracts, and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) to facilitate transactions and decision-making. Smart Contracts, block chain technology, tokenization and secure transactions are among the services we can offer to our customers.
  • As the decentralized economy continues to evolve, it presents opportunities for innovation, financial inclusion, and a paradigm shift in the way economic systems operate. It is essential for businesses and individuals to understand and adapt to these changes to leverage the benefits offered by decentralized technologies. We, at MSETT can be your tool for evolution by opening new horizon to business and individuals.

Developing a new Business Ecosystem

Innovative Tools, Globalization, Smart Strategies

Brainstorming & Discussion

Developed brainstorming procedures, inception of a discussion on basic and innovative strategies.

Leadership & Team Building

Who is responsible for carrying out the project? Our response consists of competent teams and seasoned executives.

Low Risk - Effective Moves

As we consider the risks of international markets we are fast in descisioning and we "hit" the target with one shot!

Create Business Opportunities

By bringing together different business fields and people from all over the world we create a new business ecosystem with lots of oppeortunities.

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