Microfinance, Projects - Individuals - Procedures

Getting Microfinance

MSETT Hellas is capable of microfinancing individuals to start their own projects with a low interest or/and close other credit cases and start again their lives through an MSETT Hellas project.

MSETT Hellas Microfinancing process and procedures

Our unique strategy and out of the box thinking and acting, is the stepping stone to our projects' success. We make our projects easy to run by making them as simple as they can be, starting with the full understanding of the idea.

Brainstorming - Bringing up the "idea"

Fos us, in MSETT, all business ideas are acceptable, even those which seem to be unrealistic. We believe in miracles and we are working on how to make them happen!

  • A lot of discussion over the business idea that is coming to our basket.
  • Let's go and find out who our audience will be, sometimes is not obvious.

Information Analysis - Leadership Training

After evaluating the idea we are digging a lot to find out how we can make it happen, not by data analysis but from an information based point of view.

  • We gather a lot of info related to the business idea and we are processing it really deep and.
  • After getting the knowledge out of the information we are ready to step up to our next path.

The MSETT Magic Touch

It's time to do magic! A business idea is reday to start its travel which is going to be long enough. Our teams and leaders are making the plan, and after a test period the idea has become money!

  • The magic touch of an innovative marketing plan as only MSETT knows how to develop it, is the crucial point!
  • Balanced temawork, efficient ledership, fast and shiny procedures, training and more magic tricks to use for being succesful day one!

Virtual Procedures+Continoous Digital Marketing+Innovative Software Tools = Success

"Save money and time" is one of our main motos. How? By using virtual tools, teleconferences, cloud solutions and many other virtual procedures that make our life easier and our time more productive.

  • Our unique methodology on Digital Marketing and the tools that we are developing give us a great boost on being succesful, fast and targeted!
  • We are looking for the most effective software to use for our projects. MSETT's software experts are using the most innovative tools to fulfil their mission to be fast, creative and efficient!

Developing your Credit Capability

The answer is "Flexible Project Bulding Methodology"

Brainstorming & Discussion

Strucutured brainstorming procedure, initiation to discuss simple and innovative business solutions.

Leadership & Team Building

Who is going to accomplish the project? Our answer is, experienced leaders and capable teams.

Smart Marketing Plan

Smart and budget wise strategies and detailed tasking plans consist our marketing methodology.

Create Targeted Audience

Our products and services are focused on the specific audience who will be happy with the outcome of our projects!

MSETT Hellas Microfinance Funding and Donations

Silver Funding

$ 100
1 Project Contribution
Silver Membership
15% Profit Share
1 Year On Line Project View
Monthly Reports
On Line Account

Gold Funding

$ 250
2 Projects Contribution
Gold Membership
20% Profit Share
Custom Cloud Services
Weekly Reports
7/24 Support

Platinum Funding

$ 1000
4 Projects Contribution
Platinum Membership
30% Profit Share
Custom Cloud Services
Weekly Reports
7/24 Support


$ 50
50 Projects
Unlimited API Access
Unlimited Storage
Custom Cloud Services
Weekly Reports
7/24 Support