MSETT Mobile Training Team (M2T2) is a unique and innovative service which provides high level of professionalism in CAX (design, preparation, execution and After Action Review) as well as Tactical Exercises development and Execution. The team offers the following services within 3 weeks preparation and 5 weeks warning:
  • CAX, War Gaming, Tactical Exercises and Experimentation management (CAX, Tactical Exercises managers)
  • CAX, War Gaming, Experimentation and Tactical Training management consultancy and support
  • Strategic Analysis, Role Playing and Tactical Operations Requirement Analysis Training
  • CAX, War Gaming, Experimentation and Tactical Training Technical Planning, Support and Management
  • Networking, IM and CIS support for CAX, War Gaming, Experimentation and Tactical Training
  • Certified Constructive Simulation Users and Experienced Battle Captains for CAX, War Gaming and Experimentation
Services are customized to the client’s specification. Our Support Team, assists potential customers to develop their own processes and procedures for CAX, Tactical Exercises, Gaming, Experimentation and Operational Planning based on their own specific requirements, doctrines and capabilities.


MSETT has developed a secure on line training website for offering its customers the chance to achieve certain  capabilities regarding management, planning and technical – operational support for:

  • Computer Assisted eXercises (CAX)

    War Gaming 


    Tactical Training 



Training Sessions are covering  the following objects: 


  • Scenario requirements and scripting 
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Command Structure and Infrastructure Plan (not classified data) 
  • CAX, War Gaming, Experimentation and Tactical Training Architectures
  • Networking, IM and CIS Training Plans
  • Simulation Assisted Training Human Resources Management Plan
  • Response Cells, Opposite Forces and Situational Centre Working Plan
  • After Action Review Customised Processes and Procedures
  • Simulation Assisted Training Evaluation Procedures
  • Staff Training Requirements Analysis
  • Individual and Collective Tactical (Simulation Based) Training Support