Computer Assisted Exercises Development On Line Support

Click the button, to enter the page for the simulation support for STRATEGIC, OPERATIONAL and TACTICAL EXERCISES. Computer Assisted Exercises Methodology, Scenario development and Tactical Double Action Exercises modules are available. Set up your concept of operations, your training objectives and your timelines and get a full training plan, proper simulation tools and many more capabilities.

Ephesus On Line Technical and Training Support

EPHESUS fuses big data, such as pictures, videos and various types of documents to generate information about a subject of interest such as a vehicle, an incident or a person. Decide what kind of license you need, technical support, hardware and training support and let us give you back a finite solution which will be EXACTLY what you need.

Simulation Assisted Tactical Training On Line Support

Click button to set up your own PARMENION project for very high analysis tactical training, security and surveillance training and operations planning. Find out the proper way to train your personnel, evaluate your planning, develop or combine your doctrines. Put your footprint in the further PARMENION development stages and become a member of the community.