Aggregated Simulation Models

Aggregated simulation models can realistically represent a wide range of military, security, civil – military cooperation and logistics support operations at the higher and highest level of planning and executing such kinds of operations. 
Joint Theater Level Simulation – Global Operations (JTLS – GO ®) is the most reliable and world wide known aggregated simulation model. It is an interactive, Web (Internet) -enabled simulation that models multi-sided joint military and civil-military operations with logistical, Special Operation Force (SOF), and intelligence support. 
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Tactical Simulation Models

MARCUS is a joint tactical simulation model that can represent a wide range of military, civil – military cooperation, security and Other Than War operations. It  is a flexible and easily customised model compatible with all NATO doctrines and protocols.
KRONOS is a very high analysis 3D – 2D model with integrated high quality graphics that can be used for individual and collective training, as well as an evaluation tool for low level military and security personnel.
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Operational Planning Tool "CARLOMAGNO"

CARLOMAGNO is a complete tool which offers the operational planners the capable to set up a full operational plan covering operations, logistics and detailed tactical sub planning. It is compatible to all NATO doctrines and it can export data to a significant number of simulation models. 

Ports & Airports Security Training tool

The ultimate tool for security training for ports and airports. A full detailed simulation model, fully customized to represent in 3D graphics any port or airport real facility. Its main capability is that it is keeping statistics that assist trainers to evaluate their security personnel and support a variety of training scenarios based on real threats. 
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Virtual & Augmented Reality

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